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...a glass of soda vorter please....

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Yesterday the guys took me out an about town. See the photos snappys of me strolling down Vaci Utca and having a coffee at the Gerbeaud. Coffee_At_..d_Small.jpgWe also stopped in for a look at Szent Istvan Bacilica. I was hoping to get a photo of me shaking the 1000year old preserved right hand of Szent Istvan they keep there, but we couldn't find the keys to the glass case. We're off to the zoo today, plenty of photo-ops there for sure!

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Lazy day in Budapest

How much can a Knitted Bear!

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After a lunch date with a huge pot of stuffed cabbage with a pre-lunch palinka and several glasses of home made red wine at Steve's Aunt and Uncles' we decided to have a lazy day in today. The highlight of the day was watching the Simpsons dubbed into Hungarian...coooool, and The worlds funniest pets with a singing dog.

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I Love Pareee in the Spring Time

View from a Ted perspective.

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After another satisfying Mudgee style breakfast we jumped on the Metro at Gare Saint George and made our way to the Tour Eiffel. Once the officials knew I was there we got VIP access and were at the top in 40minutes. See the snappys. At Notre Dame I spent most of my time hunched in the backpack yelling the bells! the bells! After Steve finally unleashed me I lit a candle for all the Teds in the world by Saint Denis’ Chapel. I was feeling a little peckish so we had a crepe with sucre and limone (that’s sugar and lemon to all you non Frenchies). Ah, what better way to wash it all down than with a coffee at my favourite café. Off to Musee Orsay where some of the best (in my opinion) impressionist paintings are located. I was amazed at the likeness between myself and Van Gough.Musee_D_Orsay_Small.jpg

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A city for Ted Lovers

Hotel France Albion, what a top place. Pets are welcome so I fit right in. Great spot, top breakfast (the leftovers even provided lunch). Steve amused himself on the open top tour bus by making me wave at passengers in other busses. They sure didn’t back away from making grandiose architectural statements here in Paris, check out the snappys.
Tour_Eiffel_Small.jpg I couldn’t convince the staff at the Louvre that a photo of me with the Mona Lisa would be funny, but I did manage to sniff the butt of a statue just outside.

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Air France


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What can I say about the 13+ hour Air France flight from HK to Paris but Merde! Air France flight staff , Merde! Air France food, Merde! Charles De Gaul airport, Merde! Altogether Merde! The fun bit was the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, the driver is a certain for a Ferrari F1 seat next year!

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